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4 Reasons To Go For A Jog

After a day of training, our body usually feels good because our endorphins – the substances produced by our brain that generate an effect of pleasure and well-being – flow, and you can feel calm and more confident.

The science behind some benefits of exercising:

  • Sharper your focus:
    • Exercise will help you improve your concentration as it moves the blood in your body by 20%, giving the brain oxygen and energy, which makes us concentrate more effectively in a period of approximately two or three hours. When we exercise, the brain produces proteins that it releases into the body.
  • It will reduce your stress levels: 
    • Just when we are stressed for a long time, the brain breaks down as cortisol levels rise in the blood. When we do physical activity, cortisol levels increase, but after training, they drop to a lower level than before. When you train, you build a defense against stress, tolerate stress better, and physical activity teaches the body not to react so strongly to stress in a purely physiological way.
  • Your memory improves: 
    • The hippocampus is our memory center that contracts with stress and depression, but grows with exercise.
  • Exercise increases creativity:
    •  Have you felt more creative and creative an hour or two after training? Research shows that people become up to 60% more creative after being on the go, as blood flow to the brain increases the formation of new brain cells and blood vessels. This, added to the fact that a good cardiovascular training improves and optimizes the connection between the two halves of the brain, making the interaction a more efficient process.

Do you want to know the secret of keeping your brain in good shape? Walk briskly for 30 to 40 minutes at least three times a week.

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