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A Practical Guide To Self-Care

Health is defined as “a complete state of physical well-being”, which will be decisive in the quality of your life and the time you can enjoy it. In this way, if you do not take care of your body (both physically and mentally), it is very likely that your quality of life will decrease, and you will live less time than estimated. In this blog, we leave you some helpful tips, so you can take care of yourself the right way:

  • Take care of your diet:

In short, if it is not the most important, it is the second. Nutrition will determine most of the strengths or weaknesses in your health, because staying at the ideal weight through a healthy relationship with your food will prevent you from developing long-term diseases. Now, taking care of your diet does not mean submitting yourself to harrowing and radical diets, but it is learning to listen to the needs of your body. The formula is as follows: If you eat healthy food, then you will have a healthy body.

  • Flee from a sedentary lifestyle:

In the vast majority of cases we talk about exercise in order to burn calories and therefore lose weight, however it has an even more relevant function. Exercise will release endorphins, which are substances in charge to generate pleasure and well-being, when they are released by our brain due to exercise. So you take care of your physical health and do not detach your mental health.

  • Routinely attend medical checkups:

Our body needs constant care and attention, and approaching healthcare with a preventative approach is a proactive form of self-care. It is best to visit your doctor to be sure that everything is in order: Prevention is the most effective weapon to detect and have an upper hand against diseases.

  • Sleep well:

Sleep is so important for our brain that your mood during the day depends on it.  If you rest as you need, you will be able to face the day with greater concentration, your body will be more active, and you will feel better about yourself. While you sleep, your body will recharge and is better equipped to handle stress.

  • Make healthy interpersonal relationships: 

As human beings we naturally have the need to express ourselves and communicate with others, that is why it is decisive that you can talk to someone else. Having a healthy social life is fulfilling for your well-being.

  • Make time for yourself: 

We are in the middle of a society that moves too fast, to the point that it seems that we do not have time to rest, however, it is decisive that you rest and dedicate some time (at least 20 minutes a day) to yourself, where you do the activities you enjoy the most and thus remove stress from your body.

In summary, we can assert that without physical health there is no mental health and vice versa, which is why it is important that you take care of your health in both areas to prevent any type of disease and get the most out of life.

The fundamental thing is that you build a healthy routine, set some goals in your care, and enjoying the process of taking care of your body correctly and enjoying good health for many years.

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