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Everything you need to know about Juicense shots

At Juicense we are supporters of Bio-individuality, for that reason, we have designed different products that can satisfy an array of specific needs, no matter what you’re looking for.

In this case, the product we are going to talk about are our shots. A fan favorite as in a small bottle of only 2 ounces, they will find a strong concentrated juice with many vitamins and nutrients.

Can’t make up your mind? Let us introduce you to our best options:

Flu Shot:

The Flu shot is one of the bestsellers due to the difference it offers in its flavor because while the others are sweet, this shot maintains a stronger flavor derived from ginger and pepper. The nice kick and spice from the pepper provides antiviral and antibacterial characteristic that’ll keep you feeling as strong as the shot.

As if the benefits to avoid colds weren’t enough, this product takes care of your liver, benefits your digestion and helps in weight loss through healthy bacteria that will speed up your metabolism.

Its ingredients are: orange, ginger, lemon, cayenne and camu camu.

De-Bloat shot:

The juice that most helps anxiety, nerves, stress and depression is the De-Bloat shot. Its smooth and sweet flavor thanks to its apple base will also help you with back pain, muscle pain, knee pain and related joints thanks to the properties of Tumeric.

In addition, it aids in digestion to deflate the stomach and better assimilate food, which is why it also helps regulate blood cholesterol.

This shot could be classified as a great-tasting muscle relaxant.

Its ingredients are: Apple, lemon, Turmeric, and chamomile extract.

Vitality Shot:

This shot is the most beneficial for brain functions as it supports memory, behavior and mood by influencing stress reduction. The outstanding product is Ginseng, which also contributes to the management of energy levels and glucose control, that is, blood sugar.

It is a boost of vitality that will help you feel good and keep your brain in great standing.

Its ingredients are: Orange, carrot, ginger and ginseng.

Immunity Shot:

Our latest superstar was born in a pandemic after the search to combine the qualities of the Flu thanks to inflammation. This juice has both ginger and tummeric, which are anti-inflammatory for different parts of the body, added to the support of vitamin C to improve defenses and avoid flu symptoms.

Its ingredients are: Orange, ginger, lemon, turmeric.

What are Superfoods?

It should be noted that each of the shots has at least one different but key Superfood, which makes them complementary to incorporate in one’s diet , but what are Superfoods?

It is a concentrated and nutrient dense power food with many benefits. They can increase the strength and energy of the body faster than other foods. They also give a positive boost to the immune system while supporting the production of serotonin.

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