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Our Products

We believe in the power of food and how it can be the best medicine for the body. Our products were created by New York based industry specialists, expert nutritionists and chefs working together with one goal: to help you achieve a specific purpose.
All of our juices, nutmilk, smoothies and food are made with organic ingredients, each of which were carefully selected based on their nutritional properties and health benefits. Whether you are looking to detox, feel energetic, boost your immune system, or just enjoying a great tasting drink, we’ve got what you need.


Detox Plans

We know how challenging some detox programs can be. Having only liquids for days can get stressing and just increase our cravings. That is why we have developed the first detox program that is not based solely on juices but also include foods. Our programs include a delicious menu of plant based foods and cold pressed juices that  will help you balance, detox and renew.


Health Coaching

We know we don’t always know what is best for us. That is why we will have a health specialist on site all the time. That way you can come in, talk about what you want, and let us provide the right guidance. We care about making you the happiest healthiest  version of yourself.

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